• Parfum R5
  • Parfum R5

Parfum R5

for women


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refined, sophisticated, feminine

Perfume wardrobe:

evening, romantic

50 ml

You have achieved the desired! Your femininity is in full bloom!

This is the particular embodiment of the authentic feminine essence, which is characterised by luxurious gold, diamonds and the sparkle of spotlights. The composition is woven from timeless classics, natural charm, elegance and grace. It is like a shining soft fabric of an expensive and exquisite dress that envelops the skin, gives a feeling of divine pleasure and ignites the flame of passion in men's hearts.

Flavour atmosphere
The composition begins with a gorgeous sunshine chord of ripe yellow plum from the Mirabelle variety, bringing seductiveness to the structure. Bright and energetic fruit chord is replaced by the pungent-honey smell of jasmine, softened by the tenderness of silky rose petals. The soft base fragrance sounds a unique combination of oriental sandalwood, vetiver and honey patchouli.

Fragrance: floral, woody, fruity
Initialnote: mirabelle
Heart note: jasmine, rose
Final note: sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver
Concentration: 20%


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