• Parfum R10
  • Parfum R10

Parfum R10

for women


27.51 EUR

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fresh, bright

Perfume wardrobe:

romantic, intimate

50 ml

You are not like everyone else! Sexy today, tomorrow, always!

"Fragrant bomb" can help every woman feel like a real Hollywood star - beautiful and brilliant. This fragrance can emphasise and enhance the charm of its owner.

Flavour atmosphere
Seductive explosion begins with juicy exotic chords of ripe pineapple, sweet summer strawberries, bright passion fruit and citrus tandem of refreshing grapefruit and gentle, invigorating tangerine. An exciting hearty chord delights with a floral bouquet of creamy jasmine, a light and delicate lily of the valley, a rich and lush peony, as well as a vanilla orchid. Splashes of red berries make the scent cheerful and sunny. The final note of the delightful aroma is represented by deep, captivating, smoky, woody notes, complemented by a fresh touch of oakmoss and delicate musk.

Fragrance: fruit, floral
Initial note: pineapple, grapefruit, strawberry, passion fruit, tangerine
Heart note: vanilla orchid, jasmine, red berries, lily of the valley, peony
Final note: woody notes, oakmoss, musk
Concentration: 20%

Then you will definitely like the fragrance R10 from our collection.


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